War Story

by War Story

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released September 25, 2016



all rights reserved


War Story New York, New York

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Track Name: Reality Sets In
There are problems that we face in life
Pain, hunger, poverty, and strife
Most of these problems, they take control of my mind
But i won't let them stop me

It's here I stand refusing to live life in the past
I've made my mistakes, but I'm only a man

There are so many problems and so little time
I have to move forward and take back whats mine

Take back my life

Reality setting in and my patience is wearing thin
From this daily regimen that took control of me

I will not live life in the past because it will bring me to my death

This is my reality check.
Track Name: Walking Away
When everyone has given up and you feel like you're down on luck
When all you can think of is what you've lost just know that you're actually better off
Because those who gave up never truly cared and the ones you lost were never really there
So deny the lies and all your fears and just make the best of the time you're here

Deny those who don't believe
Deny the ones that make you weak
Rely on those you know are true
Rely on you

When you're feeling like you would rather die and you've given everything just to survive
Take a look at all the good things in your life like your family, your friends, and the fact you're alive

I don't need the help of you or anyone else
I'm walking away and living for myself

Whats out of site is out of mind
So thinking back is wasting time
I won't stress the things i can't change in life

If yo control your mind then you control your life.